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Life Lessons | Motivational Thoughts

Motivational Thoughts for Students

Invest your time in someone that makes You feel appreciated, even on your worst days That’s real love 😍.

Some wrong choices teach us the right lessons for life.

Motivational Thoughts for Students

At the right time, god will provide you need Don’t worry about helping Poors.

You are a whole damn galaxy, Let no one confine you in a limited space.

Success Motivational Thoughts

The pain will end. The tears will stop. The doors will open. A season of Miracle and blessing are coming on your ways don’t give up.

Do good, it will come back to you in unexpected days.

Success Motivational Thoughts 2021

Sometimes your behaviour is your answer.

Time has the power it will reveal the real ones. Do me a favour smile 🙂, Better is coming.

new Success Motivational Thoughts 2021

Action matter most,

“Silence is loud. It says a lot”

If someone shows you Their true colour don’t Try to repaint them. I repeat Don’t.

new Success Motivational Thoughts

Good days will come when you have completely learnt the lesson of the bad days.

Life always teaches The hardest lessons To the softest heart ❤️

Top Motivational Thoughts for Students

Be with people who match your energy and hard work.

Forgive yourself it’s the first step to love yourself 💓😘.

All Motivational Thoughts for Students

People change and that is ok.

When you focus on the good, The good gets better.


All Motivational Thoughts for Students 2021

Choose the heart that beats for you❤️.

Your love to yourself – is forever kind of love. 

Best Motivational Thoughts for Students 2021

Sometimes the wrong choice takes you To the right place.

Someday someone will break you So badly because of which you will become unbreakable.

Best Motivational Thoughts for Students

“There is nothing outside of yourself That can enable you to get better stronger richer quicker or smarter, Everything is within”.

Everything exists within you, Seek nothing Outside of yourself.

motivational Quotes

Time decides who you meet in life,

Your heart decides who you want in your life, 

And your behaviour decides who stay in your life.

People change so fast, 

Yesterday they cared, 

Today they don’t.

Motivational Quotes 2022

Never cry for a person who hurts you just smile and say thanks for giving me an opportunity to change, To find someone better than you.

Every situation in your life is temporary and hope is the only thing That helps you to get out of the situation.

Motivational Quotes 2022

God doesn’t want what is good for you. God want what is better for you.

Always forgive, forget, move on.

Motivational Quotes 2021

Worrying is a waste of time it doesn’t change anything. It messes with your mind and steals your happiness.

If you can’t find peace within yourself, You will never find it anywhere else.

Best Motivational Quotes 2021

Our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world.

Life is not about the quantity of friends you have. It is about the quality of friends you have.

Best Motivational Quotes 2021

It is better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles.

The root of suffering is attachment.

Best Inspirational Quotes 2021

Words may lie but action will always tell the truth.

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and life will be easier.

Best Inspirational Quotes 2021

Use things not people, Love people not things.

Remember that not getting what you want and getting something better is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Best Inspirational Quotes 2021

If you realise that all things change, there is nothing you will Try to hold on to.

If you can’t handle stress. You can’t handle success.

Top Motivational Thoughts for Students | Success Motivational Thoughts

Happiness doesn’t depend on what you have and who you are. It directly depends on what you think.

One genius friend worth is a thousand relatives.

Everything will be ok when you are ok with everything.

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