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 Why Google is free? | Things you don't know about Google

Hello friends, this article is about Google, why Google is free… actually the reality is Google is not free.  Google is a company who earns through manyways… you must have heard the phrase “if you do not pay for the product, you are the product” it means Google earn through its customers customers don’t say directly to Google for example:-

1. If you are using blogger then Google do not charging but instead Google charge the person who wants to show their in your website and give a share of the money to you.

2. You are using YouTube then it will help you to place some ads in your videos and YouTube will charge the company who wants to show ads and give one portion to you.

3. There are some products for which Google charge you directly for example if you want to increase your storage in Google Drive you have to pay directly to Google to use the extra storage.

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