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Dr Apj Abdul Kalam Poetry

APJ abdul kalam poetry on life

“Respect is earned” 

“Honesty is appreciated”

“Trust is gained”

“Loyalty is returned” 

Everything will come to you at right time,

So be patient and trust in the process.

“Do not prove yourself, Just improve yourself”

Memorise are always special…

Sometimes we laugh by remembering the day We cried, And we cry by remembering days we laughed, that’s life 

One day you will look back and realize that 

You worried too much about things that really don’t matter.

In life, no one remembers how you looked, walked, talked or what you did …

Everyone just remembers you by the way you made them feel when they were with you …

“All birds find shelter Durning the rain. But the eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds.

Moral:- problems are common but attitude makes the difference that gives you the competitive advantage.

Life and time are the world’s best teacher 

Life teaches you to make good use of time and time teaches you the value of life.

About past or future ApJ Abdul Kalam view 

Don’t cry over the past,

It’s gone 

Don’t stress about the future, 

It has not arrived 

Live in present and make it beautiful ❤️


Always remember that your present situation Is not your final destination

The best is yet to come.

Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.

Life is the best school, 

Hardship is our best teacher 

Problem is the best assignment 

And failure is the best revision  

ApJ Abdul Kalam Rare Poetry

A smile is a cooling system of the heart 

Sparkling  system of eyes 

The lighting system of the face and

Relaxing system of mind 

So active all system with your sweet smile ☺️

Two things that define you 

#1 your patients when you have nothing 

#2 your attitude when you have everything 

Apj says that

I am not a handsome guy but I give my hand to someone who needs help.

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness 

Speak when your words are better than your silence.

Never compare yourself to others because every once way is different from others.

Focus on your own journey.

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