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Time travel

In our world Time travel is a concept of moving between different points of time,  analogous to moving between different points in space by an object or a person generally using a hypothetical device called Time machine. Time travel is a well-known concept of philosophy and fiction. The idea of a time machine was mainly popularized by H. G. Wells’ (Herbert George Wells) 1895 novel The Time Machine.

Time travel

Generally, people say time travel is impossible but according to some scientist’s theories time travel to future is possible but going to past is impossible. It is so because of if we went to past then we can accidentally change something and that can change our present. This leads to so many paradoxes, but some scientists are still saying that past time travel is possible. And on the other hand future time travel is a little possible. Theories say that is an object can travel at the speed of light it can go in future but of course, it is not that easy as it looks like. Any object which has any amount of mass cannot travel at the speed of light and so with our technology we cannot travel into future or past, but it may be possible in future with this rapidly meaning growing technology.

Note:- Currently Time travel is just a theory and can not be proven or done.

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