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Read amazing life changing Quotes…….

Read amazing life changing Quotes.......

1.) If you want to
be strong,
learn to fight alone


2.) What is love?
Love is the 7th sense of
human that destroys all the
six senses and make the
person Non-Sense

What is love

3.) They don’t speak,
but their eyes says it all


4.) really need a day between
Saturday and sunday.

Sleeping cat

5.) Don’t love too soon.
Don’t trust too fast.
Don’t judge too soon.
Don’t quit too early.
Don’t expect too high

Dont love too soon

6.) I have four
Over Sleeping
Over Smiling
Over Thinking

My habbits

7.) I never make the same
mistake twice.
Make it five or six times,
just to be sure.

Jacket chan

8.) Sometimes its better to
be alone
So nobody can hurt

Heart break

9.) Thanks to everyone who
hurted me, cheated me
and left me
You all made me


10.) It feels good when
someone says
“Do message or call
me once you reach

Do message or call  me once you reach  home

11.) I need a six month vacation,
two times a year.


12.) I talk, I smile and
I laugh too.
But, Be careful when
I’m silent.


13.) If you want to be
then never expect
anything from anyone.


14.) If you have been hurt
many times
And you still know how
to smile, trust me you are damn strong.

Fake smile

15.) People die everyday
Some Physically
Some Mentally
Some Emotionally


16.) No Matter How Many
People Are In The House
If Mom Isn’t There, The
House Feels Really Empty.

Home is empty without my mom

17.) Sometimes Just Want
To Sit Alone,
I am Not Angry,
I am Not Sad, I Just Want
To Be Alone.

Feeling empty

18.) Innocent people are
not fools
They just think that
everyone has a heart.


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