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1. Real boyfriend loves
his girl with all his heart
He isn’t afraid to point to
his girl in front of his friends
and say “that’s my girl”.

2. I don’t want a
preet boyfriend.
I just want someone to
Act silly with me,
someone who treats
me well & loves
being with me more
than anything. 

3. Dear Boyfriend
I just wanted to tell you:
You mean the world to me.
You are the most amazing guy.
You are sweet, kind, caring.
I would be lost without you.
I will never let you go.


Your Girlfriend xx
P.S. I love you.

4. if you really
love that
person, learn
to wait. maybe
you’re not
meant to be
together today
but meant to
be in the

5. He’s annoying he’s
hilarious, he makes
me yell, he drives
me crazy, he’s out
of his mind but he’s
everything I want.

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