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If you guys are looking for best Instagram Quotes or captions for bio or for your posts then this is the right place for you to look. This page is the place were your search ends for the best instagram bio and captions. 
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Best Instagram quotes for Bio


The art of decipline your emotions is

The art of knowing when you fall back is

The art of not stressing over things You can’t change 


Pay attention to who you are when no one is around. Give that person everything you look for in everyone else 

Motivation in Love bio

She is not perfect,

You are not perfect,

The question is whether or not 

You are perfect for each other 💕

When your intentions are pure you don’t lose people in real maner people lose you  it’s real fact fake people always not understand good people.

An example to change life  

My father tald me – if you miss a bus you don’t go and chase it you will sit and wait for the next  one, so why chase after a boy/girl whose not worth it and wait for the right one to come

Whose going to make you happy? You have to be pure hearted and keep Smiling in any situation 💖

One liners for life bio

Sometime just being still is the best thing You can do for yourself 

Someone say sky is the limit But there is no limit to how far you can go 

Don’t stop until you are proud of yourself.

Life Quotes for Ig bio

Please don’t waste your 20’s chasing after a relationship all to just end up romantically traumatized and trying to backtrack on your personal dreams put yourself first, this is the time to do it ❣️ 

With the right choice and prioritise,

Imposible can become possible,

And then you can truly chase,

Your dreams and live them.

2021 latest Instagram bio

Batter days are coming. You wan`t  always wake up  in the morning with the havey heart 

In this year read more books & less status updates.

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