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There are some number of ways to link your mobile number with your aadhaar card or to change your number linked with aadhaar card. We have provided the only one which we believe to be true and authorised by UIDAI and Government of India.

Offline way

  • If you want to link your mobile number with aadhaar card or you want to change the number linked to your aadhaar card then you can go to the nearest UIDAI centre.
  • You can locate nearest UIDAI centre by calling to 1947 a tollfree number (No charge for the call).
  • or you can check its location form UIDAI.GOV.IN (English) or UIDAI.GOV.IN (Hindi)
  • No document will be required
  • Aadhaar holder (Owner of Aadhaar) needs to be present for biometric authentication (fingerprint scan).

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