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Do you know how to buy a Laptop?

Hello here are some tips to buy a new laptop. First of all, guys, you need to ask a question to your self…
Why you want to buy a new laptop?, because there are many types to Laptop in the market and they all are for different types of work or activities. after then you need to ask another question to yourself that you really want to buy a Laptop or you want to buy a Computer set, they both serve the same purpose but buying a computer with the same configuration will be less expensive than buying a Laptop. If you want to read more about which is best for you laptop or Computer than you can click here to read the whole article…Laptop vs Computer.

Now after deciding that you want to buy a Laptop then these are the some most important features that you should check while buying a new Laptop.

Processor:- When it comes to Processors there are the 2 most famous companies dealing with best processors. I am not saying that other processors are best but these are my favourites.
1. Intel
2. AMD


now if you are thinking about which one is better than let me tell you. If you are going to buy a Laptop under Rs. 20,000/- then you should go for AMD because it has more power at less price in comparison to Intel(under Rs. 20,000/-) but if you want to buy a Laptop at the rate more than Rs. 20,000/- then you should go for Intel.
Now when it comes to Intel, it has many types of processors such as PENTIUM, Dual core, CORE 2 suo, I3, I5 and I7. “I3, I5 and I7” don’t represent generations they are the name of models. Intel has made these types of processors for different works.
currently (2019) best processors of Intel are as follow:-

intel i3 i5 i7

A. I3:- It has Dual-core for more processing power. Dual-core represents 2 core. 2 core means 2x speed or twice speed of single core.

B. I5:- It is Quad-core. Quad-core represents 4 core. which means it has 4x speed AKA(Also Known As) 4 times speed.

C. I7:- It varies in between 4 to 8 cores.

Now, the question arises which one is for you…

If you are only going to use your Laptop for watching Movies and to surf internet than I3 processor is the best for you because higher processors can handle more work pressure but if you don’t have work for them you may not need them.

But you want to do work like using Photoshop, Autocat or any other heavy software than I will prefer you to go for I5 because I3 can’t handle this much workload.

If you need the strongest processor than go for I7 because it is good for everything and especially gaming. I5 also supports games but not the heavy one.
If you are buying a processor you should check its generation as well. Higher generation means better processing power.

Ram:- Random access memory is one of the main components of a computer, Laptop or mobile. Processing is the work of processor but it is not the work of processor to remember what you are doing, so here comes the concept of RAM. RAM saves everything you are doing so that you can use different types of the application at the same time. RAM stores the files till your PC is on.
If you are thinking that you can give more RAM to I3 and it will work like I7 than bro you are mistaking, It will not do any good to you. without good processor, RAM is useless and same goes for Processor without the proper level of RAM processor can’t work at its max.


set of RAM and processor you can take:-
I3 – 4 GB RAM
I5, I7 – minimum 8 GB RAM
RAM also has some generations and their name is DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 currently DDR4 is the highest generations of RAM there is.

Hard Drive:- after processor and RAM hard drive is the next most important part of a Laptop or Computer. There are following types of hard drive:-


1. HDD:- Hard disk drive. It gives you more space like 1TB, 2TB or 4TB. Example: others Laptop.


2. SSD:- Solid state drive. It has a faster speed of read-write and low space. Example: Apple Laptops.


OS:- IF you are buying a Laptop and they are giving you with Microsoft’s Windows than it means they have already paid the price of Window and now they are going to charge you for that Window. Instead of that, you can buy The Laptop Dos operating system or with Linux which are free and then you can buy that Windows from anywhere else or you can go for pirated Windows.

Resolution:- Resolution is also an important aspect to look before buying a Laptop.


720P – HD
1080p – Full HD
approximately 2,000 – 2K
approximately 4,000 – 4K
According to that, you can decide which one is better for you but if you are taking a Laptop which is Full HD then make sure it has a graphics card in it.
Graphics card process the screen resolution. If you are a gamer then you need a graphics card in your Laptop to run the game.
Other stuff:-Here are some stuff that you can check but these are not that necessary.
A. Fingerprint scanner:- for securing your laptop.
B. Touch Screen:- 
C. Extended Warranty:- Laptop’s Life span is almost 2 to 3 years and after that, you have to pay money for its Maintenance.

Before buying any companies Laptop check for its nearest service centre.

If you want to buy a laptop just for movies and casual work like blogging or creating projects and some more simple tasks then you can buy one of these.

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