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Good Morning Quotes 

We all have people in our life whom we love and wants to show them our gratitude to them for that we can do so many things and wishing them in the morning is one of those things. If you will send these Quotes to your friends then they will feel special. 

Some People like to upload Quotes on Status in simple Text form and some like to upload it as an image that’s why we provide both formates in Hindi and in English.
1. Start your day with 
Smile and Positive Thoughts
(Good Morning:)

2. Wake up every morning 
and Tell your self “You can do it”
(Good Morning)

3. Be Happy with Nothing and
you will be happy with 
(Good Morning)

4. Every day is a new 
opportunity given 
to you
(Good Morning)

5. You are not replaceable,
nor are you able to be
duplicated, you are
a treasure that is one of
a Kind
(Good Morning)

6. Let your smile change the world
but don’t let the world change your smile.
(Have A happy good morning)

7. A beautiful morning for a
beautiful soul.
(Good morning)

8. You are as irreplaceable
to me as the air that I breathe.
(Good morning)

9. If you wanna shine like the sun
be prepared to be burned like the sun.
(Good Morning)

10. Friendship is the only relation that
you get to choose in this world and
I choose you all.
Have a happy day ahead of you.

11. Lets began the day
with positive thoughts.
(Good morning)

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