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How to do a Part-time job from Home

how to do a part-time job from home

If you guys are looking for some work there are a lot of sites that provide easy work that anyone can do form Home and some of those sites are listed below.

Tip:- Before joining any of the below sites you can create a PayPal account. It is a free and international payment gateway.

Tip:- Try to bid (Bid means to send your proposal that you want to do the job) for more projects.



When It comes to working as a freelancer this website is one of the best websites out there. Not just you can take work from here you can also hire people for your work. This website is totally free and you don’t have to spend even an INR on the website. 
It is easy to register and after registration, you can find/browse projects/work then you have to bid for the work you can do…(Tip:- don’t just bid for one project) The person who is  hiring people will choose if he wants to hire you or someone else for the job.
(Tip:- create a good profile so that people will choose you for there work)



Microworker is also a freelancer website which starts surveys and tasks for people who want to earn money. Anyone can join the microworkers and work for them. They launch surveys on the daily bases. They have surveys of different kinds like answering questions, playing games, and lots of other stuff.
(Tip:- Don’t make multiple accounts or you can get banned)


It is a website which pays for surveys and seeing ads. Anyone can earn using this site. It is easy to use and even I earn using this site. This website will ask you if you want to Buy a premium scheme but my advice is don’t buy it but if you like you can buy. they pay for 5 to 6 seconds add.
(Tip:- Don’t make multiple accounts or you can get banned)

4. Glowroad App

Glowroad app is an Indian App that lets you sell products using any medium including FB or Whatsapp. Glowroad creates your online shop and gives its links and you can share that link on any platform. You can also add your margin to the original price. Glowroad app provides free COD (Cash On Delivery). You can download this app from playstore. You can withdraw your money to directly your bank account.



Truelancer is also a freelancer website which lets you work parttime for money. Anyone can join this site and you can even create multiple accounts to get more work. 

Tip:- nothing can be done in 1 or 2 days, my advice is to try hard and use this site regularly.
Tip:- In Truelancer, Freelancer, Microworkers, the person who wants to do work have to bid for the work …….The work will not come to you, you have to go to work.

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