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This article will tell you how to use free VPN settings in your mobile without a third-party application.
Nowadays as the technology is getting better people are trying to be more secure and this is the reasons why nowadays Mobile phone companies are giving VPN setting in phones. We just need to start it up. If you want to do the same follow these steps:-


Open your phone and click on settings.

Now, find VPN settings in your phone and open that.

After that, you will see an interface like which is given below. Now, click on Add VPN to add a virtual private network.

Now you will fill some information like name of VPN which you want to create… you can enter anything in that and after that, you will see an option where you have to fill server address. In order to find a server address open google and search VPNBOOK.

And after that click on the first link or you can click here 

If in any case, the site is not opening then try using another operator like Airtel, Vodaphone, Idea or download a VPN app to open this site…

after opening the site scroll down till you see Free Open VPN and PPTP VPN
here click on the second option of PPTP as given below.

After that, you will see some addresses of different VPNs. copy any server address as you like these are my favourites:

Paste the address in server address option in VPN setting. after that there will be an option for filling username and password.

you can fill username and password from the same page as server address.

after that click on the ok button or tick mark as the case may be.

after that try to start VPN and soon it will connect.

Have a nice and secured day.

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