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Make your WIX website
Hello, guys today we are going to learn how to create a website on Before creating a website you should know Wix website is free and anyone can create a website on for free.

Check My Wix Website.

Step 1:-  Search Wix on the internet and open the first link or you can click here

Step 2:-  Then the following page will open.

Click on Get Started to create an account.

Step 3:-  Now Click on Sign up to Create an account on Wix.

Step 4:-  Enter the details to create the account or you can also Sign up using Facebook or Google. I will use google to save time

Step 5:-  After sign up a page like below will appear.

It will ask 3 simple Questions if you want to answer you can click on Let’s Do it or you can skip it. (I will say you should give answers) After those Question, WIX will ask if you want to create your own website or you want Wix to create your website for you.

Step 6:-  Then after that, you have to choose the template, which you want to use in your website.

Now choose a template and move your cursor over it and you will see 2 options like below

you can view the template or you can directly edit it (you can click view to see if this is the template you want for your website or not)

Step 7:- Once you are satisfied that this is the template that you want for your website. then click on Edit this site.

 Step 8:-  After that, a page like below will open.

This video will teach you some basic feature of Wix (you can watch it or skip it, it depends on you)

Step 9:-  Then customize your site according to your desire. Once you are done click on Publish.

Step 10:-  After that a Popup like below will appear.

Form this website you can have a free domain or you can use a Customized domain which can be bought. after entering the name of domain click save.

 Then a Popup like above will come click on Done.

After this, you can see your site by clicking on the Visit site and send the URL of your site to friends or family to show them your site.

Note:- You can Edit your site or Add content any time using Dashboard by going to

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