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As we all know this is the age of social media almost everyone is competing to get more followers so that they can be famous or they can earn high money. There are multiple ways to earn from social media but today I am here not to tell you about social media but instead to help you get more followers on social media. Today we will look at one of the most famous social media websites named INSTAGRAM it is owned by Facebook. INSTAGRAM is mostly to share images and short videos but you can also use this to earn money and for that, you need some followers, so here are some best ways to get more followers if you wanna work hard and smart at the same time. 

What is Instagram?

Increase Instagram followers

Instagram is a social media website used to connect with people and the more people follow the more you can earn yes it is quite possible to earn from an Instagram account but in this article, you will learn about how you can get more followers on Instagram. 

Tips to Increase IG followers

1. Regular posting:- regular posting is an important thing people don't know how the algorithm of there websites work but it is quite simple. If there is someone who posts pictures on his Insta account once in every month then his profile and his post are less likely to reach to more people but if u wanna use this algorithm to your advantage you have to post more frequently like 3-5 phots or short videos every day.

2. Content:- if you wanna get more followers then you have to select a particular topic because that will help you get those followers who actually want to see your posts. 

The content should be eye-catching so that people take time to give a proper look to the content you have posted.

3. Stories:- putting stories is also good if you want to take advantages of the Instagram algorithm and with your stories, you can also interact with your audience using poles and other options.

4. at-the-rate and hashtag: using proper @ and # is also important using them will let your post reach more people and they will know that you exist this will help your Insta account get more followers and visitors. 

Note:- don't use too many #tag and @ my advice will be to use them up to 20 to 25. If you use more then you should in your every post then Instagram might think that you are spamming.

5. Follow:- with all the above things of you follow this rule u can get any no. Of genuine and active followers.

Step 1:- search the topic related to your own in Insta search bar.

Step 2:- See posts that are related to your topic.

Step 3:- check the people who have liked that post and follow them one by one.

Step 4:- now wait for 1 day (10-15 hours will also be enough) then unfollow them all regardless of they started following you or not.

Doing the above steps will ensure that people who like your topic are going to check your profile and if they like your posts also then they might start following you. This method attracts people's attention and helps your profile to reach more people.

Doing this regularly will help you gain 100+ followers every day

Instagram followers

Important Note:- In the beginning, don't follow more than 20 people a day or else your follow function may get ban for some days and after some days you can increase the no. Of people you follow this will help you get more followers on Instagram.

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