Smart Speaker IQ Test report:- Google Assistant Beats Alexa, Siri, and Cortana (which Assistant is the best)

Google home

Smart Speaker IQ test conducted by Loup Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm was again won by the Google Assistant. It was its second consecutive win. The Google Assistant answered the most of the 800 hundred queries. This was a competition between Apple HomePod (Siri), Amazon Echo (Alexa), Harmon Kardon Invoke (Microsoft Cortana) and Google's (Google Assistant). Google Assistant was also the winner of that test last year.  Even though Google's Assistant was able to retain its position, the competitors like Alexa and Cortana have shown significant improvements.


Loup Ventures said that Google Assistant understood all the queries that were asked to it and Google Assistant answered 88% of them correctly. It was followed by Apple's Siri, which didn't understand 3 questions and achieved the accuracy of 75%.
Amazon's Echo

Amazon's Echo got the third spot in the test. It was unable to grasp 8 queries and it answered 73% of questions correctly.

Cortana correctly answered 63% and was unable to understand 5 questions.


At the test, Google Assistant answered 88% of the queries correctly.
Google Assistant lost to Siri in responding to commands.
In short, according to Smart Speaker IQ Test 2018 Google Assistant is currently the best Assistant.

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